Lisa Kaess Founder


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Lisa Kaess is an economist and creator of Feminomics®, focusing on practical and policy issues relating to money, economic, and financial themes for women. Lisa makes money basics and broader financial topics welcoming and accessible with dozens of videos, newsletters, articles and op-ed pieces. She also offers individual advisory services.


Previously, Ms. Kaess worked as a consultant in international finance for more than 20 years at Geoffrey Bell & Company and her own firm, ATRIUM advisors. Lisa counseled sovereign nations on their international bond issues, analyzed macroeconomics, foreign exchange, and interest rate trends in addition to regulatory developments. She also organized symposiums on global finance in nearly two dozen countries and guided clients regarding their institutional relationships. Clients have included think tanks and industry associations, asset managers, multinational corporations, foreign governments and international credit rating agencies.


Lisa Kaess is a public speaker, presenting at national conferences and has been a contributor to online forums, blogs, and radio. She has been quoted in national media outlets including US News & World Report and has published op-ed articles in USA Today, The Journal News, Christian Science Monitor, and International Herald Tribune. She recently was invited to collaborate with on a series of over 30 videos covering money basics. Ms. Kaess is a graduate of Reed College, London School of Economics, and Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

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