“Lisa was a great coach and support
through a daunting transition.”

I met Lisa a few years back and when I heard about Feminomics we reconnected. It was at a time when I really needed advice on how to transition my finances in accordance with my changing life. I was selling a house, changing locations, getting rid of debt and trying to navigate through many new experiences. I had never created a proper budget and was very avoidant in the past to do any real financial planning.

Lisa and I met and discussed my situation, my hopes, a plan and ultimately a path to where I wanted to bring my finances to give me a sense of security and well-being. I had a few notions about how money may be allocated or budgeted and it was great to have Lisa’s sound professional advice and reassurance that I could achieve my ideas.

Lisa was a great coach and support though a daunting transition. I listened and took her excellent council on several critical decisions. We have built a great financial foundation from which I can grow from. I look forward to continuing our work together to develop my lifestyle and financial plans for the future.

Anna D.

” Lisa has proven to be invaluable in helping me understand the finances of my marriage.”

I discovered Lisa Kaess through her Feminomics videos on the internet when I was in the beginning stages of a difficult and complex divorce process.

Lisa has proven to be invaluable in helping me understand the finances of my marriage, and provided information and support necessary to negotiate from a position of strength.

Once my divorce is final, I look forward to working with Lisa on a plan for my future that helps me meet my personal and financial goals as I embark on this new stage of my life.

Cathy P.

“Lisa made things go very smoothly.”

Lisa, I appreciate your efforts and providing guidance on this deal. You made things go very smoothly.

Steve B. (Vice President, Business Banker)

“She has a gentle touch, backed up by
professionalism and a record of results.”

I wanted to refinance my commercial and home mortgages, but had no time. Feminomics stepped in and organized a ‘competition’ among lending banks, which reduced debt and helped me lock in a great rate. Lisa took time to explain terms and the process, pitched in with paperwork and the bankers, which freed me to focus on my bottom line. My experience in working with Feminomics was extremely positive and financially successful.

Working with Feminomics I had a secure feeling that Lisa always had my best financial interest at every step. My experience working with Lisa was at the highest possible rating. Feminomics gave me the support needed to complete the process, which I might have dropped on my own. Also, having Feminomics representation gave me a sort of VIP pass for my loan to be considered.

I recommend Lisa Kaess and Feminomics to anyone who is serious about simplifying the financial decisions maze. She has a gentle touch, backed up by professionalism and a record of results.

Maria W.

“Lisa knows when to push me and when to be gentle.”

Struggling with how best to serve as Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, and Trustee for my mother and aunt, Lisa served as advisor and advocate, making valuable introductions, and offering a variety of solutions. My family and friends assumed that since I was an investment banker I could navigate the elder care challenges on my own. On my own I was doing “OK”, but barely.

Lisa’s support, insights, and connections helped us define together a clear plan of action and gave me the confidence to create a structure that has been working smoothly for years. In addition to her knowledge and resources, I am especially grateful for Lisa’s personal commitment and sensitivity to know when to push me and when to be gentle.

Jan B.

“Lisa’s expertise and work ethic are unrivaled”

I have known Lisa for many years and she is a rare combination of true caring, integrity, diligence and knowledge. Her expertise and work ethic are unrivaled and are the backbone for her recipe for success.

Greg D. (Sr. Mortgage Loan Consultant)

“Sometimes it all seems impossible,
but you provided insights that I was blind to”

Thanks so much for meeting with me. From it, I experienced a renewed sense of purpose & energy. Sometimes it all seems impossible, but you provided insights that I was blind to and gave me a much needed boost.

Pat F.

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