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Anna D.

“Lisa was a great coach and support through a daunting position.”

I met Lisa a few years back and when I heard about Feminomics we reconnected. It was at a time when I really needed advice on how to transition my finances in accordance with my changing life. I was selling a house, changing locations, getting rid of debt and trying to navigate through many new experiences. I had never created a proper budget and was very avoidant in the past to do any real financial planning.

Lisa and I met and discussed my situation, my hopes, a plan and ultimately a path to where I wanted to bring my finances to give me a sense of security and well-being. I had a few notions about how money may be allocated or budgeted and it was great to have Lisa’s sound professional advice and reassurance that I could achieve my ideas.

Lisa was a great coach and support though a daunting transition. I listened and took her excellent council on several critical decisions. We have built a great financial foundation from which I can grow from. I look forward to continuing our work together to develop my lifestyle and financial plans for the future.

Anna D.

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