Inspiration Women: Sojourner Truth (via Alfre Woodard)

Inspiration Women: Sojourner Truth (via Alfre Woodard)

Alfre Woodard reads “Ain’t I a Woman?”, a speech delivered by abolitionist Sojourner Truth at the Women’s Convention in 1851. Many talented actresses have shared this piece, but Alfre blows it out of the water. Watch HERE

Capturing the Goddess in Everyday Women

Photographer Lisa Levart’s passion is to connect women with their inner Goddess. She writes in her Huffington Post blog, “To me, a goddess is a woman living her life with authenticity, passion and power. Inspired and inspiring, a goddess—on earth— speaks her truth and stands up for what she believes.” Author of Goddess on Earth: Portraits of the Divine Feminine, Lisa chronicles amazing women in the public eye, and those all around us. Check out her latest post and upcoming multimedia exhibit.

Hollywood Calling? Female Driven Films Gross $4 Bn

Ellen Degeneres was a hoot as host, but the unsung story of this year’s Oscar awards is that films driven by female leads in 2013 made money – big money. As the mother of Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o told her — you can’t eat beauty — it doesn’t feed you. (See Lupita’s incredible speech on beauty HERE)

A crop of female driven films, such as Gravity, Frozen, Hunger Games, and The Heat have brought in an estimated $4 billion. Will it be enough that ‘old school’ studio types will stop ignoring this burgeoning market? As Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment said, “Women have to help each other more. It’s our duty.

Click HERE for our Fem-Nominal Women talk with screenwriter Delia Ephron.

Coming Soon: Marialisa Walton Zywotchenko: Entrepreneur, Contractor, Mom, Veteran, & More

Our next Women’s Work segment features Marialisa “Z” — a kickass general contractor busting through barriers every day. She’s incredible — once you see her in action, we’re sure you’ll agree!

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